Ward rep

Would you like to help us out by being a ward rep?

We’d like ward reps to keep an eye on their local area, and let us know of any developments:

– Look out for opportunities for “quick wins” that we can feed back to the council for inclusion in future proposed works. These include mainly small measures that can improve cycling, such as putting in dropped kerbs to allow better access to parks and cycle routes, moving gates or barriers to allow access for bikes, better signage for cycle routes, etc.

– Keep an eye on any proposals or consultations for construction developments, roadworks and junctions where cycling may be impacted. We try to pick these up and will reply on behalf of the group if necessary, but your local knowledge will be really useful in putting together our response.

– Join local residents’ groups, friends of parks, local Safer Neighbourhood Team ward panel, etc, and attending meetings to represent the views of people cycling in your area, feeding back any issues raised to us

– Review any bike friendly shops, cafes, good cycle routes, etc for our quarterly newsletter, with photos

If you’d like to help out with this, or if you need more information, please contact us.