Increased events in Finsbury Park?

Our response to proposed increase of events in Finsbury park:

I am responding to this consultation on behalf of Haringey Cycling Campaign.
The implication of the proposal is that by ending the current 5 day limit on large concerts in the Park and instead allowing 6 concerts of up to 3 days, the concert area to will be closed to the public for up to 12 weeks over the summer, assuming each event takes 2 weeks to set up and take down.  This means there will be no access to a large part of the park for extended periods when it is most needed, in the Summer and at weekends.
There is mention of paths being diverted, but no mention of the diversion being convenient or maintaining cycle access.  There is a key daylight hours cycle route from the Endymion Rd gate to the South Gate and a Greenway route to Green Lanes.  Further Quietway routes are planned through the Park and the new E-bike hub will be situated nearby.  Any change to events arrangements must take this in to account, with usable, convenient, walking and cycling access maintained.
I would be pleased to hear of your detailed plans for maintaining access and suggest you consult with Mr Malcolm Smith, in Transport Planning.
Michael Poteliakhoff
HCC Coordinator