Tottenham Hale – meeting TfL & local Councillors 4th November

On Tuesday 4th November, we’re joining a meeting between Transport for London representatives, local Councillors and residents to discuss the problems that still need to be ‘ironed out’ now that the Tottenham Hale Gyratory removal scheme is ‘complete’*



We’ve heard from a lot of people via Twitter, Facebook, email and face to face who have complaints about the new layout, often that it is ‘worse than before’ or ‘more difficult to get north to south’.

We agree, but we need your comments to present during this meeting.

This is our one chance to feedback to TfL. Every comment counts because ‘every journey matters’ !

Email your comments to us in the following format:


Subject: Tottenham Hale – meeting 4th November

Content: A brief description of your problem, followed by location if specific.


We’ll collate all comments in to one document, which we’ll present at the meeting on 4th November. We’ll make the list of all comments public on our website too.

*although Thames Water are still due to dig up some sections which is why there are still temporary crossings on Ferry Lane.


TfL Tottenham Hale


The saga of Tottenham gyratory (Broad Lane proposals)

We’ll be discussing this at our meeting on Monday 14th October, but here’s what it looks like from our perspective:

  • Haringey Cycling Campaign and London Cycling Campaign have been involved in consultation on this since the beginning of 2012, with LCC’s  Engineering Group making the main response on behalf of local groups and LCC as a whole.
  •  The consultation hasn’t been very satisfactory and we have never been given a set of “final” drawings to comment on.
  • We were promised the scheme would be looked at in the TfL junction review but it really never was.
  • Laterly after persistent lobbying TfL have made some improvements, but this 20 mph consultation is a surprise as we were always told Broad Lane would be 20mph.
  • If any “Cyclist Dismount” signs are erected on cycle routes in this scheme, we think direct action would be in order…

Here’s some recent blogs on the scheme:

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