Space for Cycling – TAKE ACTION in Haringey

Take action now to call for safe Space for Cycling from your Haringey election candidates. 

In November 2013, London Cycling Campaign members and supporters completed a survey stating what changes they would like to see in their area. This data was the basis of the ward ‘asks’ we have created for each ward in the borough.

Ask for Space for Cycling in Haringey NOW

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space for cycling survey responses MAPPED

Space for Cycling survey – Haringey responses

In November, London Cycling Campaign set up a survey and asked for feedback on barriers to cycling in London, and in your own borough.  There were 144 responses in Haringey, which has given us plenty of data to look at before we decide the asks for each ward on Monday 10th February.

With ( a lot of) help from Hammersmith & Fulham Cyclists we’ve managed to use Google map engine to create one map of:

a) the wards of Haringey

b) the responses you entered in the Space for Cycling survey

Even at a glance, it is clear where there are clusters of ‘hot spots’.

Please explore the map and let us know by comment or email if you’ve anything you’d like to see added.