October 2013 meeting minutes

Grant Gahagan, Bob Somers, Nick Chitty, Patrick Field, Michael Poteliakhoff, Anna Guidaniec, Andrew Rendle, Adam Coffman, John Draper
Apologies-  Sally Morshead, Eliza Kaczynskanay
SM has reported (expenditure last year was greater than the HCC grant, so we are opting to continue receiving it)
Broad Lane 20mph consultation
MP tabled a draft response and will submit by the closing date 18th October.
Scheduled meeting with LBH
MP tabled a draft agenda and recapped on a recent inspection of barriers and other problems, with Vincent Adenowo of LBH  (please also see attached photos taken of Priory Rd build out).  There was a helpful discussion of the more contentious items and a report of HCC views has been sent to LBH, as below, instead of a formal agenda.
St Mary’s path (N side of Hornsey High St) even out bollard spacing to available width;  Pave “bypass” to Playing-field Path E barriers;  Cycle contra flow at Farrer Rd “plug”;  Changing Lynton Rd cycle stand barriers for cycle logo bollard –all good ideas
Remove cycle lane at Station Rd–  not supported.  It was felt present setup is fairly low risk as the parking is mainly residential. 1 collision in 10 years is probably no more than if there was no cycle lane.  My suggestion of moving back parking at expense of pavement also not supported.  Making cycle lane wider might help, plus removing road centre line.  Assuming cars would not stop blocking cycle lane, wide vehicles could impinge on the N bound lane in the morning rush-hour, which would be acceptable, as it is advisory.
Build out at Priory Rd junction to Warner Rd.  Thought to be very dangerous.  It would be good to know it’s purpose and was a safety audit carried out?
Oakfield Rd speed table.  Gives a big and unexpected jolt.  Essential it be made sinusoidal the same as the next table down the hill.  It is suspected the unfinished hump was left unprotected and with no warning signs, causing the accident already reported.  The criteria for protecting incomplete work must include cycle safety.
Could we add a review of the above to the Agenda?
Other points I would like to discuss are:-
Current schemes for improving access to Lea Valley/ Hackney Marshes.  Malcolm had some excellent proposals in the Mini Dutch submission.
Green Lanes turning to Hermitage Rd- could we have present layout at meeting?  General progress on “top 10” (see list below)
Haringey Loop- Adam may have some comments on this and if I bring a USB stick could the Report be put on it?
Broad Lane-  Is Haringey supporting 20 mph? and what is current situation on cycle routes (permeability) within the LBH 20 mph zone currently out to public consultation?
Location and security of proposed cycle parking for the Spurs/ Sainsbury’s development.
Non rotational signs progress.
Park Rd Crossing (at Playing Field Path)
NC commented it was essential to know what the purpose of the delineated path over the road was.  MP said it could be like the CS2 crossing at Shadwell, but would then need stop lines which are not suitable for shared use.  NC thought a zebra crossing with cycle shared use, clearly signed on both sides and on a raised table, would be much better.  A proliferation of humps (as presently shown on approaches) should be avoided on bus routes.  MP will respond to consultation.
BS has suggested safety improvements at Bruce grove “Maze”- Provide new road cycle logos Strode Road at tight bend into St Margaret’s Road as indication both roads are one contra-flow ( there is only one existing sign on the off-side lamp-post at the first bend)
No cycle parking has been provided at the Sainsbury’s Local at Lordship Lane/ Belmont Lane.
New Year Social to be discussed at next meeting.
For information current “Top 10” LBH schemes (from last minutes) are:-
LBH have agreed the current top ten as below, taking account of timetable for expenditure .  MP said 2 and 3 are on the Haringey Loop.
1.    Brunswick Road to Crowland Road – Improve signage (and access)
2.    St Ann’s Road junction with Hermitage Road – Remove guard rail and provide access to North Grove
3.    Finsbury Park to Hermitage Road – Provide cycle lane on Green Lanes with ASL at junction with Hermitage Road.
4.    Tottenham Lane ‘funnel’ towards top of hill – Removal or insetting 3 or 4 car spaces
5.    Shared use of path from Park Avenue South to Abbeville Road
6.    Alexandra Road to Orion Road / Pegasus Way – Cycle access avoiding pedestrian bridge (possibly 2 way cycle lane)