November 2013 meeting minutes

Carol Johnson, Marta Prucha, Grant Gahagan, Bob Somers, Patrick Field, Michael Poteliakhoff, Anna Guidaniec, Andrew Rendle, Adam Coffman,
Apologies-  Sally Morshead, Eliza Kaczynskanay            Action points highlighted RED
1. Report on last meeting with LBH
MP has circulated draft minutes and ran through main points.  There was a discussion of the LBH “Quietway” proposals.  It was agreed the LCN7 route via Oakfield Road is not suitable as a main route because of the steep hill and HCC should press for Wightman Rd to be made a safe cycling route.  An alternative route via Cranford Way and old railway sidings was discussed but the concrete plant, rise through scrub to Harringay Station and perceived lack of security at night made this unsuitable.  AR said the new routes should serve local shopping centres, schools and transport interchanges.  Many of the proposed routes appeared to avoid these.   MP said a route to Hampstead Heath via Sheldon Ave should be added.   MP to comment to LBH
POST MEETING NOTE Sustrans are coordinating for TfL, but first comments should go to LBH.
2. Current situation on Tottenham Hale/ Broad Lane
BS has received a “holding” reply to his queries.  He will copy reply to MP when it comes.  The new toucan crossing at Seven sisters is frequently blocked by HGV’s not wanting to enter the yellow box.
4. Station Rd resurfacing
A response has been made asking for wider standard width cycle lanes.  POST MEETING NOTE:  Cycle lanes have been eliminated.  MP to query with LBH. 
5. HCC response on Hornsey Depot (Sainsburys) scheme
MP has submitted a response pointing out the claim of a “good” cycle network allowing “easy” cycle access to the scheme is inaccurate because St James the developers for this scheme and the previous New river development have blocked proper completion of the route at Cross Lane.
6. Current “top ten” cycling improvements
Tollington Rd/ Endymion Rd “funnel” Park Rd rat run and Green Lanes/ West Green left hook will be added.    Action MP
7. New Year Social
GNRT has been booked for Monday 13th January.
8. AOB
Recent road hump work at The Avenue N17 is reportedly up to standard
Other similar work needing checking is at:-


Hornsey Lane N6

Oakfield Road N4

Beresford Road N8

Winkfield Road N22

Woodside Road N22

Maryland Road N22

Lyndhurst Road N22