December 2013 meeting minutes

HCC Meeting 9.12.13


Carol Johnson, Sally Morshead, Ricardo Johnson, Bob Somers, Joff Verby,

Anna Gudaniec, Michael Poteliakhoff

Apologies- Selena Calder, Eliza Kaczynskanay, Grant Gahagan,  Patrick Field,

Adam Coffman       Action points highlighted RED


1.  2014 Local Elections, suggestions for schemes/ objectives we will ask candidates to support.  Survey online at  until Thurs 12th Dec

“Ask” for 20mph limit will apply in all wards.  MP will email CJ and other campaign volunteers with a list of ideas coming under the policy theme headings.  POST MEETING NOTE-  list sent, but not yet analysed for presentation under theme headings.     Action CJ  MP


2.  Final push for LBH to sign up for HGV pledge

MP has written to Cllr John Bevan (8.12.13), but no response received as yet.


3.  Road humps (continuing saga Oakfield Rd Station Rd etc)

BS said the new speed table at Avenue Rd (Tottenham) is acceptable.  AG reported the Oakfield Rd table is still incomplete with some uneven asphalte added on the “up-side” only.


4.  February Social– can item 1 be finalised then? (Feb is LCC’s target date for this)

It was agreed this should be on Monday 13th January, allowing Local Election Space for Cycling objectives to be discussed in February Meeting.

5.  New CS1 route  (Richard Truscott comments etc)

RJ said there is plenty of space on Tottenham High Rd for a segregated CS.  AG pointed out anticipated average CS use is 12,000 journeys per day, with a flow of up to 1,000 per hr.  The TfL proposed back street route is unlikely to cope with this.  MP reported the comments received from Richard Truscott and Nick Rau.  It was agreed the  TfL proposed route was in itself a good route but not adequate for a CS. There are improvements planned for Brunswick Park and it would be difficult to imagine a CS running through it.   AG, AC, BS and MP are going on the inspection ride with TfL on 16th Dec.


6.  Tottenham Regeneration HCC input (Contact   020 8489 8434)

RJ and BS will try to go to the local Tottenham Hale Meeting, on 10th Dec.  RJ and BS

7. Jan 18th all-day basic maintenance course in Wood Green, free if you live, work or study in Haringey.  Details

Toni Blake confirms if pilot a success, there will become a regular course.

8. Alexandra Park Rd / Colney Hatch Lane – Pedestrian safety campaign

It was agreed HCC should support the pedestrian safety aspect of this and welcome any cycle safety “add on” that may be possible.  For example if the Alexandra Pk Rd  left filter phase is replaced by a pedestrian phase, this could allow ASL’s.  MP


9. Hermitage Rd / Green Lanes junction

MP tabled a sketch for discussion and will email to LBH.



AG reported the “Lights instead of Tickets” Met Police campaign (Ticket cancelled if lights presented at police station) and will query if this includes Haringey.