‘Top 10’ improvements

We meet with Haringey Council at least every 3 months.

We keep an ongoing ‘Top 10’ list of improvements we’d like to see made in the borough. In reality, of course, the list is much longer.

Many issues have been ongoing for many months (or years), but there are results…

Cycled across St Ann’s Road/Hermitage Road roundabout recently?

BqWkJAmIQAAgXlZSt Ann’s Road/Hermitage Road new cycle entry on to roundabout which we campaigned for.

We campaigned for the section of guardrail to be removed provide access to North Grove, and we’re pleased to say Haringey Council have briefed their contractors well, and the improvements happened pretty quickly. Of course, it would be better if the entry to the roundabout for cycles actually looked like a legitimate entry/exit, just like the way Hackney Council have recently improved the roundabout at Southgate Road/Northchurch Terrace – see below.

BqXPGMwIcAA0R33This is how Hackney Council do it…

Cycled along the newly smoothed and widened ‘St Michael’s Terrace’ path between Station Road/Park Road and Bounds Green Road in the past year or so? We campaigned for that path to be improved too (we know the link northbound on to the New River Path still needs a dropped kerb however…)

Here’s our current list – something to add?  Contact us

Top 10+

June 2014 Haringey Cycling Campaign objectives, by ward


1 Brunswick Road to Crowland Road – Improve signage (and access). Current “Top 10” scheme Seven Sisters (S4C ask is New river Bridges)


2 St Ann’s Road junction with Hermitage Road – Remove section of guard rail and provide access to North Grove. Current “Top 10” scheme and on proposed quietway St Ann’s – Completed – see photo!


3 Wightman Rd, improve cycling environment by adding cycle lanes at pinch points or other measures. Current “Top 10” scheme and on proposed Quietway. Harringay


4 Tottenham Lane remove ‘funnel’ towards top of hill, by removal or insetting 3 or 4 car spaces.


Hornsey (S4C ask is make Hornsey High St cycle friendly)


5 Shared use of path from Park Avenue South to Abbeville Road. Muswell Hill S4C ask


6 Harringay Rd improve cycle access at road closure and remove rat run at Park Rd by adjusting one-way system, reduce danger of left hook turn from St Anne’s Rd to Salisbury Rd. St Ann’s (& Harringay) S4C ask


7 Finsbury Park to Hermitage Road – Provide cycle lane on Green Lanes with ASL at junction with Hermitage Road. Harringay (& Seven Sisters ) S4C ask


8 Tollington Rd/ Endymion Rd “funnel”- Remove by reconfiguring road layout / markings. Stroud Green (& Harringay) S4C ask


9 Alexandra Road to Orion Road / Pegasus Way – Cycle access avoiding pedestrian bridge (possibly 2 way cycle lane). proposed quietway Alexandra


10 Reduce risk of left hook turn at West Green Rd, opposite Ducketts Common. West Green S4C ask



11 Remove left hook risk at turn from Hornsey High St to Tottenham Lane. Hornsey, included in S4C ask (make Hornsey High St cycle friendly)


12 North Circular Rd Bounds Green Rd Junction remove one left filter lane to eliminate double left hook turn to NCR, provide advance stop lines and remove the confusing “Cyclists Dismount” signs at toucan crossings. Provide cycle lanes at Bounds Green Road. Bounds Green S4C ask


13 Allow 2-way cycling on Crouch Hall Rd and Weston Park to give East-West cycle route. Crouch End, included in S4C ask (+ASL’s, resurfacing)


14 Complete and maintain signing of cycle contraflow at all “Maze” roads. Remove all rat runs in Ward. Bruce Grove S4C ask


15 Remake tables at Woodside Avenue and Creighton Avenue to be cycle friendly. Fortis Green S4C ask Albert Rd- widen pinch points to safe width for cycles (4.2m) and make it possible and safe for school students to use existing cycle track at Durnsford Rec (presently there is no access from road) Alexandra. Remove parking on S side of Durnsford Rd (most houses have off street parking) to give safer width for cycling. Possibly semi-inset MIP parking bays which need to be on S side, with no more loss of pavement than at crossovers and street furniture. Bounds Green


16. Implement original Cycle Superhighway route to a high standard at Tottenham High Rd, with segregated cycle lanes and continuity at junctions. Bruce Grove


17. Provide toucan crossings Great North Road to Sheldon Avenue, at Bakers Corner gyratory, for new Quietway route to Hampstead Heath. Fortis Green


18. Allow 2-way cycling on selected “Ladder” roads, subject to safety audit. Harringay


19. Reopen old railway tunnels as Greenway cycle route. Highgate


20. Designate defined cycle route at Highgate Wood. Highgate. Implement proposed Cycle Superhighway 12 route to a high standard, with segregated cycle lanes and continuity at junctions. Highgate


21. Resurface re-landscape and upgrade Cross Lane cycle route and replace barrier by bollards. Proposed quietway Hornsey Alexandra Rd and Mays Rd, allow cycle contra-flow. Noel Park


22. Implement original Cycle Superhighway route to a high standard at Tottenham High Rd, with segregated cycle lanes and continuity at junctions. (Northumberland Park, Tottenham Hale and Bruce Grove also)


23. Eade Rd/ Woodberry Grove (Hackney), at least 1 of 2 Bridges proposed over New River in Woodberry Grove masterplan. Seven Sisters


24. Avenue Road, section linking Roslyn Road to Newsam Avenue- make contra flow for cycles as present one-way blocks recommended route (TfL and LBH maps) (Tottenham Green, St Ann’s also)


25. Allow 2-way cycling on all local roads. Tottenham Hale


26. Provide cycle lanes on Monument Way. Tottenham Hale


27. Langham Rd, allow cycle contra-flow, to link West Green environmental improvement area to Wood Green centre. West Green


28. Upgrade LCN 56 New Rd/ Risley Ave cycle crossing to A1080 as walking and cycling study consultant’s recommendations. (White Hart Lane, Woodside also) Proposed quietway


29. At existing LCN 56 Roundaway cycle track continuation to All Hallows Rd form light controlled cycle crossing or Toucan. This is a dangerous crossing with no cycle provision and confusing cycle entry to All Hallows Rd. Proposed quietway Woodside


  • We’ll keep this list updated – if you have any feedback or suggestions, or would like to input a point, do leave a comment below or contact us.