Haringey Corporate Plan 2015 – 18 and Budget Savings

Cllr Stuart McNamara Lead Member for the Environment

Haringey Council River Park House

225 High Road, Wood Green

N22 8HQ

17th January 2015


Haringey Corporate Plan 2015 – 18 and Budget Savings

Dear Stuart,

I would like to comment on the planned budget savings:-

1. Reduced street cleaning- It is vitally important that the clearing of broken glass and debris from cycle lanes (and cycle routes generally) is not reduced, as punctures are a major disincentive to cycle use, particularly among children and adults returning to cycling.

2. Less reactive maintenance to street lighting- This should be achieved by using more reliable lighting (eg LED), not by removing illumination from signs, where this is essential for road safety or will reduce motorist’s awareness of cycles, eg at cycle contra flows.

3. Increased enforcement of moving traffic offences- This is welcome and should include 20mph and ASL enforcement.

4. Reductions in back office technical and administrative support- Please confirm this will not lead to a reduction in road planning and engineering staff needed for implementation of Corporate Plan Priority 3.

5. Planning – Changes to Policy and Practice remove non-statutory consultationPlease confirm this will not reduce consultation with environmental action groups such as ourselves and Living Streets.

HCC welcomes the Corporate Plan and would like to suggest the changes added in red, to selected sections as below:-

Priority 3: Clean, Green and Safe A clean and safe borough where people are proud to live We will make Haringey one of the most cycling and pedestrian friendly boroughs in London.

We will promote and improve cycling and walking, which will include introducing a borough wide 20mph limit, increasing the network of cycle routes and dedicated cycle lanes and providing a smarter travel campaign to persuade people to use sustainable modes of transport.

PRIORITY 3 – A CLEAN AND SAFE BOROUGH WHERE PEOPLE ARE PROUD TO LIVE Who will be involved in delivering the objective? Objectives How will we deliver the objective? Who will be involved in delivering the objective? To move to more sustainable modes of transport by making Haringey one of the most cycling and pedestrian friendly boroughs in London

1. We will promote and improving cycling and walking in the borough. This will include introducing a borough-wide 20mph limit, providing more cycle racks, increasing the network of cycle routes and dedicated cycle lanes, providing more cycle training, improved signage, and safety measures on priority pedestrian crossings, and launching a smarter travel campaign to change behaviours and get more people to use sustainable modes of transport. All road improvement schemes will be assessed for pedestrian and cycle safety.

The council will work with:

1. Cyclists, pedestrians and community groups to further understand their needs and design solutions together

2. TfL to implement design best practice and to identify funding streams

3. Our highways contractor to implement schemes and maintain quality control

4. Schools to promote the health benefits of cycling and walking


How will we measure success from 2015-2018?

1. Increased network Km coverage for cycling

2. Increase in the number of people who cycle or walk

Draft cross-cutting themes A fair and equal borough

How will we measure success from 2015-2018?

2. Increase in children travelling to school by walking or cycling and an increase in

cycle training in schools

3. A halt in the rise in childhood obesity, especially in those groups with higher rates

I hope these small changes in wording can be included.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Poteliakhoff Coordinator HCC