Cycling in Haringey

We work with Haringey Council to improve cycling for everyone in the borough – meeting with them at least every 3 months, and presenting our ‘Top 10 improvements’ list.

Getting around

Printed cycle route maps covering all of London are available for free from TfL – two of these both include all of Haringey: guide number 4, which also covers areas to the east & west of the borough; and guide number 14, which covers areas to the south into central London.


British Cycling’s ‘Go Skyride’ programme runs in Haringey, check the website for details of any upcoming rides.


Other local groups & places to visit (by bike!)

The Haringey Cycling Club is a youth development club based in Wood Green, for 11 years upwards, with regular Sunday rides.

Finsbury Park Cycling Club established in 1883, with weekly club runs out into the Hertfordshire countryside. The club members also take part in Time Trials and have a yearly ‘Hill Climb’ event on Essendon Hill.

The Trax off-road cycling club, based at Lordship Recreation Ground use the newly constructed ‘Lordship Loop’ off-road dirt track.




Lordship Recreation Ground Model Traffic Area, originally opened in 1938, has been recently refurbished, and is well worth a visit, for adults and children alike! It can be found in the south-west area of the park.



Markfield Park and the Markfield Beam Engine  Visit the Steam Beam Engine, built in1886. The park is accessible from the River Lee Navigation

Markfield Beam Engine Main Image