Bike Bus puts the fun back into journeys to school

Bike buses is great initiative where a group of parents accompany children on their ride together to local schools forming a virtual bus. This provides a fun way to encourage students to get out on their bikes whilst reassuring parents of the safety of their journey

The following video from Portland in the US provides a great introduction to what a positive impact the programme can make 

Active travel charity Sustrans has launched a FRIDEDAYS Bike Bus programme encouraging parents to set up bike buses at their childrens’ schools on Fridays pointing to the following benefits for children and their community:

1. Helps children enjoy exercise

2. Starts the day right

3. Brings the community together

4. Reduces traffic congestion

5. Protect the environment

Sustrans has developed a FRideDays Bike Bus toolkit to help parents set up a bike bus at your local  school. We would encourage you to sign up and see if there are other parents at your school who would be interested in getting involved. It’s a great opportunity to help you reclaim your local streets.