HCC Meeting Minutes 11.3.13

Selena Calder
Adam Coffman
Anna Guidaniec
Joff Verby
Patrick Field
Michael Poteliakhoff
Apologies: Cllr Toni Mallett, Sally Morshead, Eliza Kaczynska-Nay, Nick Chitty, Andrew Rendle
HGV safety pledge/LCC local group meeting
MP had been very encouraged by the meeting with LBH on 21.2.13. He will chase up on Pledge. MP said the HGV discussion was in the context of a meeting covering a wide range of cycling issues and AC thought it would be good if HCC could attend on a regular basis.
HCC’s insert for London Cyclist
Deadline is 25th March. AG has some good “cycling in Haringey” photos. MP said it will be good to have the HGV event ahead of the deadline and write it up. AC would write something on the Haringey School Cycling League.
LBH cycling and walking study
MP outlined the brief for this. MP will scan documents and copy to AG and AC. He thought it would be useful if it produced a handbook of good practice aimed to achieve the objectives.
Crouch Hill road safety scheme – there are further queries on this
MP will respond.
Cycle sheds in front gardens
MP will continue our input to guidance on cycle shelter design and will express HCC support for a change in permitted development rules in the next round of government consultation. Post meeting note: There is a strong view in responses on the newsgroup that permission should not be needed for front garden shelters.
LCC funding, should we forgo this year?
It was agreed we should accept this years funding but spend more on attracting participation e.g in family rides with a float for teas at end of ride. We will order a banner. It can be in PVC logo on white and possibly with plain green side valances for use at tables.
Haringey Loop
The consultants report is not yet available.
School events – HCC could offer Dr Bike and LCC stall. SC said we need to talk to PTA’s. AG will write up for newsletter.

LCC Policy Forum Seminar Series

The seminar series, kicking off on 8th April with Andrew Gilligan (TfL Cycling Commissioner) and Danny Williams (Cyclists in the City blog, LCC City of London LCC) should be of interest to anyone looking for a better cycling environment for London.

For full details of the series see http://lcc.org.uk/pages/seminar-series


HCC Meeting Minutes 11th February 2013

HCC Meeting Monday 11th February 2013
Adam Coffman
Bob Somers
Anna Guidaniec
Joff Verby
Michael Poteliakhoff
1. Report on meeting with LBH on 21/1/13, Tottenham Hale letter from TfL, HGV pledge
AC and MP had not heard from Toni Mallett re meeting with Nilgun Canver about HGV pledge and MP has suggested LBH fleet manager, who was due to attend meeting with TfL be asked to attend. LBH is rated 2 out of 5 by LCC. Post meeting note, following email from AC, MP attended a meeting with Cllrs Canver and Mallett and LBH officers and the outcome has been very positive. MP confirmed path from St Michael’s Terrace to Bounds Green Rd is being widened and resurfaced. MP has received positive letter from TfL on Tottenham Hale, confirming CS1 alignment has been allowed for.
2. Haringey Loop
MP and AC attended a CRIM ride with LBH officers, consultants and Cllr Toni Mallett to inspect. MP tabled the draft route. MP would share with consultants the comments from the local group meeting supporting the Western Road alignment.
3. Hornsey Heart
No developments to report. Post meeting note, it is understood from Tony Kennedy at LBH some funding will be used for the informal pedestrian/cycle crossing at the Greenway 4 crossing of Park Rd. Safety improvements at the Hornsey High St/ Hornsey Lane turning will be funded by section 106 money from the Hornsey depot development. This work will follow work on the railway bridge.
4. Cycle Storage
MP will talk to other groups when current Ealing/Haringey local discussions on guidance become public.
5. Winter Social
Timing was confirmed. GNRT can serve pancakes.
6. LBH Policy on pothole accident claims
MP said it appeared to be current policy to send out standard letters disclaiming responsibility.
7. Spring/Summer rides
It was agreed HCC should organise rides, as previously family rides were very popular.
8. AOB
AG said HCC has been asked to fill in form on group resources. AG will forward. MP reported on the recent Transport Forum, including “Go Dutch” presentation by Gerhard Weiss from LCC, which was well received and TfL pedestrian crossing timings at Bounds Green Rd, presented by TfL as a case study. It was hoped the 72 second max wait time at the Toucan crossing can be reduced.