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Sun 5 Mar: Join Haringey feeder to the Women’s Freedom Ride

Meeting points Haringey:

Turnpike Lane Station: gather at 9:15, to set off at 9:30am
exact meeting point: Corner of Carlingford Rd and Green Lanes:

Finsbury Park: gather at 9:30, to set off at 9:45am
exact meeting point: just inside the southernmost gate, near Lidl, opposite Finsbury Park Rd:

You will also find feeder rides from other parts of London if you want to invite friends and family to join from other parts of London.

Who’s coming to the LCC Women’s Freedom Ride on Sunday 5 March? It’s a ride to celebrate #InternationalWomensDay and call for a London where all women feel safe to cycle!

Currently less than a third of London’s cycle trips are by women and we think that should change. The ride is open to all who identify as women or non-binary and their allies. You can dress up (or not), there will be music, and it will be amazing! Starts in Central London at 11.30am, Sunday 5 March. Find out more & register below

Celebrating our ride last year

Stats on women in cycling:
According to the most recent UK travel data, men currently cycle more often and further than women in all age brackets.
• Men make more than 3x the number of trips by bike each year than women and cycle on average 4x further.
• The biggest gender disparity is for women aged70+, and girls between 17-20 years old. For these groups men of the same ages cycle over 8x more.
• Less than half of women surveyed felt confident when riding a bicycle compared to almost three quarters of men.
• Contrast this with women in the Netherlands.They have excellent cycling infrastructure, and women cycle more than men do.
• The Near Miss Project found women in the UK experience a higher rate of ‘near misses’ while cycling than men, reporting around 50% more close passes per mile