Minutes of the HCC meeting held at GNRT – Monday 10th June 2013


Simon Hollowood (Steer Davies Gleeve)

Alistair Hanton (LCC Trustee)

Ricardo Johnson

Bob Somers

John Draper

Lois Johnson

Imelda O’Brian

Andrew Rendle

Joff Verby

Selena Calder

Adam Coffman

Anna Gudaniec

Patrick Field

Michael Poteliakhoff


Apologies: Cllr Toni MallettNick Chitty


Hornsey Community Streets

MP will email LBH and Cllr Toni Mallett about poor consultation.  AG said there was only 3 days notice of the drop-in session for the scheme and although Nick Chitty joined a working group, it never met.  There are now roadworks in progress at Uplands Road for which there was only the vague description “cycle and pedestrian improvements currently underway”, for which there has effectively been no consultation.


Hornsey High St Sainsbury’s development

MP attended part of a local consultation meeting on this and reported there was no mention of cycle access in the developer’s presentation.   AG will be attending a further meeting on the 11th.


Potholes  (post meeting note)

There is an excellent LBH campaign to fix these.  Please report any you see on

www.haringey.gov.uk/potholes   (net)

poteholes@haringey.gov.uk             (email)

@haringeycouncil #haringeypotholes   (twitter)


20 MPH Limit

AC said we should support this.  (There is a Council vote on setting up a consultation on this, on 18.6.13, which is certain to pass with wide support from councillors, however strong support will be needed at consultation stage)



JV and AR are looking in to possibilities for a new email group.


LBH cycling and walking study

MP introduced Simon Hollowood from SDG.  SH outlined the scope of the study, concentrating on local centres and including “PERS” audits and two community audits at Bruce Grove and Wood Green.  The cycling aspect of the study will factor in the general cycling environment and not just designated cycle routes.  The Study will feed in to the next LBH application for “LIP” funding.   MP ran through the current list of HCC suggestions, sent to SDG and there was a useful discussion of additional points.

AR said on a general level LBH are reluctant to consider unconventional solutions, eg would not install scheme similar to Islington’s at the Emirates Stadium.

Eo’B said an interactive map for cycling improvement suggestions would be effective.

SC suggested a cycle crossing from Lothair Rd to the Arena Shopping Centre.

There was support in the meeting for improved access to Finsbury Park, but this would not provide 24hr routes.

LJ said the humps in the Gardens area are not cycle friendly.

Eo’B said the Wightman Rd traffic islands are a major deterrent to cycling as cars try to cut in before the pinch points.

LJ thought the Bounds Green cycle lanes encourage cars to ignore cyclists when they turn left in to side roads.

SM made detailed notes (including points not listed above), which would be used for the study.


 Green Lanes Major Scheme

MP summarised the present proposals, as can be seen-on:-

http://www.haringey.gov.uk/gl_snp_booklet_final_digital_copy.pdf   and


MP will draft comments.