HCC Meeting Minutes14th January 2013


HCC Meeting 14th January 2013


Anna Gudaniec,    Andrew Rendle,    Adam Coffman

Geoff Verby,   Michael Poteliakhoff,   Despina Moutafis

Karen Brockett,   Hazel Gilcreest,    Nick Chitty


Eliza Kaczynka-Nay

 1. Change in future meeting start (to 7.00) and possible cancellation Feb meeting

It was agreed the time should stay at 7.30pm and the Feb meeting should be held as normal

 2. February Social on 12th Feb

AG and GV will see if cycle shops can donate items for raffle.  AG will place order for 10 pizzas.  MP to do reminder in newsgroup and ask Sally M for cheque.

 3. Greenway Link 3 (Downhills Park to Tottenham Marshes) outcome following Bob Somers and Adam Coffman’s ride with LBH officers.

AC reported on the ride and said there are good existing routes, which are being incorporated.

Bob Somers has emailed the Council with a summary of that would improve conditions for cycling on or locally to the proposed route.

 4. Nomination for LCC policy Forum outer London Boroughs representative   

It was agreed unanimously that Elisa Kaczynka-Nay should be nominated.

 5. Haringey Loop/Hoop

AC outlined the scheme and said consultants have been asked to tender for project development.

 6. Hornsey Heart

There has been a consultation.  NC said the latest leaflet has mentioned Sustrans.  He has asked for information but has not received anything so far.

 7. Borough insert for Feb Mag deadline is Mon 28th Jan

MP to do draft and AG will do graphics.

8. AOB

AR suggested we organise some rides in the summer  e.g Haringey Loop.