September 2013 meeting minutes

Grant Gahagan, Bob Somers, Nick Chitty, Patrick Field, Lois Johnson, Michael Poteliakhoff, Joff Verby, Anna Guidaniec, Selena Calder
Apologies-  Adam Coffman
1. Haringey Loop Final Report
MP will hand hard copy to Adam for comment (LBH have not emailed pdf as too big to send)
2. “Top 10” LBH schemes
LBH have agreed the current top ten as below, taking account of timetable for expenditure .  MP said 2 and 3 are on the Haringey Loop.
1.    Brunswick Road to Crowland Road – Improve signage (and access)
2.    St Ann’s Road junction with Hermitage Road – Remove guard rail and provide access to North Grove
3.    Finsbury Park to Hermitage Road – Provide cycle lane on Green Lanes with ASL at junction with Hermitage Road.
4.    Tottenham Lane ‘funnel’ towards top of hill – Removal or insetting 3 or 4 car spaces
5.    Shared use of path from Park Avenue South to Abbeville Road
6.    Alexandra Road to Orion Road / Pegasus Way – Cycle access avoiding pedestrian bridge (possibly 2 way cycle lane)
3. Haringey “Mini Dutch” proposals- not shortlisted by TfL
It was agreed HCC should broadly welcome many good proposals, in particular reopening of Highgate tube tunnel at Parkland Walk.   Possibly there should have been more emphasis on 24hr safe rotes, including dedicated provision.  “Going Dutch”  should be a comprehensive approach.
4. Hornsey Depot Sainsbury’s further consultation
NC, AG, JV and MP will be attending the public exhibition.
MP said other Sainsbury’s in Haringey need attention to cycle access and parking.  The New Spurs development has requirement for massive cycle parking, but apparently on disparate sites including local schools and not coordinated with the new Sainsbury’s store.  PF said the Arsenal FC parking though not perfect was on one site and quite usable.
5. Lordship Rec stall 14th Sept
AG handed MP the new banner for the HCC stall.
6. AOB
It was agreed HCC should encourage Capital First Connect to put in more wheel ramps when the Hornsey ones are complete.
BS reported LBH action on reported potholes is presently very slow.
Tesco at High Rd Tottenham have made application for cycle stands, BS suggested we support.